Sunday, October 20, 2013

Waiting, a modern business philosophy,

While other companies pride themselves on fast delivery we are proud to say we take time with your orders.

We are a very small an intimate company. The knife maker we represent has built an impeccable reputation in the Osaka region of Japan. Hide knife has done so by meeting with each individual buyer over the years. Hide is always interested in how they will use the knife and what they will use it for. We do our best to continue and represent Hide in this manner  The Hide knife is made with personal adjustments and sharpening for that particular individual. We do our best to communicate with each client. Offering the only Multilingual hand made Japanese knife sites. We offer customers multi-currency with daily update on currency exchange. Because of our close relationship with the maker we also can offer a larger number of personalized choices. There is no other web shop that can offer so many choices of each type of traditional knife. This of course means the wait is a bit longer because the knife will be made specifically to your order. The approximate wait for a knife is usually about 4 weeks. This is very fast considering your knife is handmade from the forge to the handle to the grind and sharpening. This is an unique service we offer and appreciate your patience.

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